Jura Music Festival!

What an incredible weekend!

Last weekend we were reunited to head to the Isle of Jura for their annual music festival and it did not disappoint, especially good considering we’d  been looking forward to this all year! It was a fabulous weekend of music, ceilidh dancing, old and new friends, beautiful beaches, deer and Jura whisky and gin. We loved it!!!!



A few months ago L wrote an amazing post about her Jura home calling it a little slice of heaven…. I have to say that I completely and utterly agree!!!! This was my first time on Jura and I am completely in love. You get off the ferry and drive right along the coastline to the main village of Craighouse and the views are spectacular.


86BE23FC-41CB-4746-9B78-5E12CF6414AEContinuing right up to the North of the island you can always see the sea but to your left you have the Paps of Jura majestically running down the middle. It all feels so Scottish and there are deer everywhere! It offers the perfect retreat for a long weekend and is one of the most beautiful and idyllic places I have ever been….

The Festival

The festival itself is fairly small with a few hundred people and all centring around the local pub, the village hall, the cooperage and a marquee by the beach. The highlight of the Jura year!


The music comes from a mix of Scottish favourites, local bands and ceilidh bands. Everyone was out to have a great time and the crowd made every band feel like they were the best on the planet. Such a friendly, care-free atmosphere!


Our highlights were all the ceilidh dancing (I think we burnt a million calories) and Skippinish. We bought their cd and listened to it on the whole road trip back to the East. I particularly love their song Alive. 



One great thing about the music festival is that it mostly takes place in the evening and during the night leaving plenty time to explore during the day, providing your head isn’t hurting too much from all the Jura whisky! Day 2 was mostly spent eating cake and  looking at the views…..

However we had an amazing time paddle boarding and rowing in the north of the island on day 1 and were lucky to have full sunshine all weekend!



We had a tour of the Lussa Gin distillery and as we may have mentioned before can’t recommend this enough. I honestly used to think all gin tasted the same until I tried this and it changed my world!!!


I can’t wait for another trip to Jura next year…. those paps are calling our names !!! We hear there’s a fabulous bothy to stay in too….

For now cheers to a FANTASTIC weekend!

C x


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