Weekend up North

With the triathlon season coming to a end, I was keen to get my first sprint distance under my belt. And Nairn Triathlon coincided with a weekend off work and the perfect excuse to explore a part of Scotland I had never been to.

Friday we set off up the coast towards Aberdeen before heading onto Peterhead. Peterhead is an interesting little town, they definitely specialize in takeaways! But we had a lovely stay and the next day hit up Symposium Coffee house, they serve pancakes about twice the size of your head and with your sugar content for the month – YUM!

Peterhead Prison Museum is also a fantastic stop, a working prison up until 2013 it is incredibly interesting. The criminologist in me was having the best time!

The coastal drive from Peterhead over to Inverness has you calling in on loads of cute little fishing villages. The scenery is beautiful with rolling hills and steep cliffs. Of course there was a cake stop; Annie’s Bakery in Banff is a must!

There was a slight issue with our hostel in Inverness, mainly the snoring and snorting going on from our roommates but thats dorm life what do you expect?! But after midnight and the realisation that no sleep was going to be had here, we bailed to Nairn and found a last night room. An expensive lesson learnt but with a start time of 7am sleep was desperately needed!! However in my haste to leave and get some sleep I forgot to take my breakfast!

Considering the serious lack of sleep, non existent breakfast and a very confusing split transition Nairn triathlon was great fun – Praise be to pasta and cake! I guess things not going to plan is half the adventure!! Narin is also a beautiful part of the world to cycle and run in. With quiet country roads for cycling and running along the promenade with views over to the mountains in the distance.

I definitely learnt a few things:

  1. Cycling fast without your glasses on = bad idea. Invest in some contact lenses Lorna.
  2. There is such a thing as to much talcum powder, I was covered, the bike was covered and there was talcum powder soup going on in my shoes.
  3. Always have a backup banana. ALWAYS!!
  4. Hostels really don’t result in a good night sleep. Fun yes, restful no!
  5. There is also always a headwind at some point while on the bike,  you haven’t got a puncture!

Having never really spent much time in Aberdeenshire it was great to visit but I have to say the west coast of Scotland is more a bit of me.

And now having done my first sprint triathlon, I can’t wait to increase the distance. 2hrs of fun is not nearly enough!

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