Women Who Inspire Me…. (part 2)

Following on from L’s post a few weeks ago on Women Who Inspire her it seemed only right to share my own list too! Here are some women in my life and around the world who are doing amazing things and inspire me every day to look for adventures….

The Women in my family

The women in my family have all taken very different routes in their lives but they all strive to make the most of every single day. They are all beautiful women who inspire and support me. I will always be grateful to come from such a close family. They rally around me whenever I am down and support every teensy tiny idea I have. So much love for them all.


One of my favourite things about writing this blog is spending lots of time chatting to one of my incredible best friends. I am always amazed and inspired by what L is doing next and can’t wait to hear what her next adventure is going to be. She is the most hardworking and determined person I know. The thing I love the most is that she doesn’t wait for other people, she goes out and embraces life all on her own and she knows what she loves. So inspiring!!!!!



I am inspired by all my friends but seeing as this one is in the spotlight right now I figured I’d include her. Rachel is an incredible dancer who trained in Edinburgh and is now on an adventure living it up in Vancouver. She is amazing on stage (obviously!) but she also has the most eternally positive attitude of any woman I know and is the very definition of easy going. She is always going after what she wants and is not afraid of a challenge but at the same time will always make time for her friends.

Check out her Instagram @vancitydance and her latest amazing music video!

Minda Dentler

I listened to Minda’s Ted Talk about completing her Iron Man challenge when I was on my way to work and found myself with tears running down my face during my morning commute. She tells her story in such a compelling way I have never wanted someone to succeed more. As a young child in India Minda was left paralysed by polio. She was adopted by an American family and in her life has gone onto become the first female wheelchair athlete to complete the Iron Man World Championship.

By the end of her Ted Talk I was overwhelmed with happiness for her, grateful for the immunisations that we have in the UK and inspired to get out and set my own challenges. I have followed her journey ever since.

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 22.43.38.png

Amal Clooney 

Talk about strong independent woman. I was entranced by International human rights  lawyer Amal from the second I heard about her. As she has become a more publicly recognised face she has used her fame to draw attention to marginalised groups in society. She is a driven career woman and a mother.  She is ranked in the Legal 500 as one of the best lawyers in the UK and acknowledged worldwide as a human rights expert. Oh and to top it off she’s beautiful! Such an inspirational woman!

P.S. Of course she’s also married to George but that has nothing to do with this post!

Myself and L are always looking to other women for inspiration and are so lucky to have so many incredible, independent female influences in our lives! 

C x




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