I tried a Tri……And I liked it!

img_5800It’s a long running family joke that I am a shocking swimmer, which as my father always says is unfortunate as I have nice broad swimmers shoulders……… thanks dad!!

So when I set off to Triathlon training 8 months ago it was with a few chuckles.

To be honest, I mainly only intended to join in on the running training but the triathlon bug is contagious and being surrounded by people encouraging you to have a shot was only going to lead to me entering a triathlon sooner or later.

Fitting in training for 3 sports has been an adventure in itself and sometimes i don’t know whether i am coming or going! Running was already ticking over nicely so i just needed to slot in swimming and cycling.


Swimming was the hardest, I could go to the pool and do lengths of breast stroke (badly)  but without someone teaching front crawl I was going nowhere fast (quite literally). Now as a girl at the age of 24 having someone teach you front crawl is actually quite embarrassing but I was lucky enough that one of the guys at the triathlon club offer to give me a few pointers. Alot of home baking bribery later and although I still have along way to go with my swimming I don’t feel like I am about to drown every time I attempt front crawl.


I love cycling so fitting that back into my life was a joy and a pleasure. Mainly I started off on the spin bikes at the gym while I looked out the perfect bike. Two weeks ago I got my very own specialized pink bike (not orange at it appears to everyone but me!) and I am in love!



And actually fitting each discipline into my week equally, well I haven’t quite nailed that yet between shift work and you know, life!

The first Triathlon I took part in was a mixed team relay, it was perfect as not only is the distance short but you have your very own cheer squad! It made for an amazing day out with a yummy buffet after and in typical scottish style it rained all day. But what did it matter we were all soaking anyway!

The relay triathlon also provided me with the perfect opportunity to try transitions. Definitely need to learn to not just fling my kit away once I am done with it but I was very fast just not very tidy. It was also my first chance to try running off my bike, talk about jelly legs. If your looking at doing your first triathlon I can not recommend a team relay enough, support of your team and a shorter distance.


An awful lot to work on in the next few weeks before I head up to Nairn for their Sprint Triathlon but needless to say I am hooked on triathlon!


Now just to get my swimming and cycling distance up to my running……….oh gosh!!

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