Micro adventures in Edinburgh!

For the last two weeks all my little adventures have been concentrated around my home city of Edinburgh and my blog post this week really goes back to that big question we ask a lot –

“What does adventure really mean?”

To me, adventure is about trying new things be it in my own city or high up in the happy hills. This time round it was my city’s turn. 

Since I moved to Edinburgh i’ve barely spent any weekends in the city and it’s been great to head out and explore more of where I actually live. Trust me Fringe shows can be one hell of a random adventure! And when the world’s biggest arts festival is right outside my front door why would I go anywhere else?! There’s acrobats and musicians and adventure everywhere!


So I thought i’d tell you about some of the best shows that i’ve seen along with some of the amazing independent cafes i’ve hit up in Edinburgh from having been around for a couple of weekends. After all I did say trying new food and drink places is one of my favourite adventures……

And yes I am a caffeine addict too.

Enjoy the randomness.

CULT Espresso, Buccleuch Street 

This coffee shop is like something from Harry Potter, you walk in through a tiny entrance to find a huge and unique coffee shop with a wonderful espresso. The walls are covered in interesting art work and my chocolate and raspberry cheesecake brownie was amazing. Their coffee changes weekly according to what’s in season, that’s cool! 

The Fringe Wives Club: Glittery Clittery

This cabaret show is all about cat suits, feminism and learning about female anatomy. It is crazy, fun, bonkers, pretty educational (why do only men get pockets?) and so feel good. Got to support the gals!!! Oodles of fun, song and dance! 

The Richmond Cafe, West Richmond Street 

A little Greek retreat hidden away in Newington i’d been meaning to go here for ages and it didn’t disappoint. The coffee was unreal and the spinach pies are my new favourite Edinburgh food item (constantly changing!). The decor inside is really traditional and cute while outside they have a covered seating area that endears every passer by to come and chill with a newspaper or people watch.


Foil Arms & Hog

These guys are a big ticket and well worth it! A comedy sketch show with a different scene every time they hit the bell – they are absolutely hilarious. The funniest parts for me were when they were ad libbing. They are the kind of cheeky Irish men you want to go for a beer with after the show. Their You Tube videos are very funny too. 

Cairngorm Coffee, Fredrick Street 

Lorna and I went to this one together and it’s a firm favourite! Strong americano game and incredible cheese and chilli jam toasties…. It’s so dangerous that there’s one of these around the corner from where I work!


Joanne McNally

This was a show where we filtered the fringe app by the time we wanted, chose a random show and absolutely struck gold. This Irish comedian is hilarious! The kind of comedy when you start to get embarrassed by how long you’ve been laughing hysterically for and have actual tears. Her stories are all female relatable about finding love (and money), drinking too much wine with your mates and friends who are ageing too fast. I think we all have a friend who was born a domineering mother…. 

Brew Lab, South College Street  

I had to try this one as it’s always packed. The coffee was amazing and they always have more than one type of coffee bean to choose from. Another bonus is they do donuts from another favourite place – Baba Budan, check out the amazing, adventurous flavours on their instagram!



SO MUCH ENERGY!!! This show had so much to it and was by far the best thing i’ve seen at the festival. It is an acrobatic show but much, much more. The cast literally never stop moving and their dance moves let alone their gymnastic skills are just incredible. They perform all their own tracks with reggaeton and salsa vibes and beat box in time to the back flips. All the way from Cali and so cool! 


C x

P.S. With the fringe drawing to a close, i’m desperately planning out how to make the most of the September (hopefully) sunshine…. Look out for more adventure plans coming soon as well as my list of inspiring women, following Lorna’s list last week. 

PPS. Join me for a coffee and spinach pie in Edinburgh.


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