Women Who Inspire Me….

Sorry for delay (5 days!!) on this weeks post, life seemed to get a little bit crazy or perhaps my time management just went out the window…..

Last week we went to see The Women’s Adventure Film Tour and as always we left feeling inspired…but it got us thinking about the women  who inspires most in our lives……

My Mum

The biggest believer in me and what I want to do but also the person that picks up the pieces when things don’t go quite to plan. The woman who taught me about bank accounts, credit cards and ISA’s because let’s be honest banking is a minefield. The best cook and baker in my opinion.

The definition of strong, independent woman.

My Sisters  

My Sisters because not only are they 100 x cooler than me and have the best fashion advice but they are also both crazily talented. And they are going to be my friends for life, whether they like it or not.


My Friends

My friends because they are all kicking goals in their chosen careers or taken the even scarier step of returning to university. Not only that but they all love to travel and are always keen for adventures. They are the perfect combination of enjoying a night out but also appreciating a good cup of tea and a slice of cake


Allie Kieffer

Because not only is she an amazing runner and I definitely have a girl crush on her but because she is also funny, cool, inspiring and all about body positivity. The perfect example of how success doesn’t happen overnight but how it’s down to hard work and focusing on yourself. Love seeing her training plans and trying to replicate them (well a much slower replication!)

Have I mentioned how cool I think she is………


Laura Kenny

Because I think cycling is the best sport ever and cycling in a velodrome is scary and she not only makes it look easy but is hugely successful. I mean the most successful female GB athlete….. what could be more inspiring?!

There are loads more and I could go on for hours but these are my top 5…. Who inspires you?

L x

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