Our top inspiring podcasts for everyday life…..

It seems that podcasts are on the rise! Everyone I know is listening to them and one of my friends even recently suggested a podcast club as a type of alternative book club. We both like to listen to podcasts in our spare time to laugh, learn or be inspired. It’s perfect for when you’re on the go and feel like learning something new or need a spot of inspiration!

Here’s some that we like but let us know more we should add to our lists….. We are always on the hunt for new podcasts!

Caitlin’s 5 –

Travel Stories Podcast


This guy Hayden has such a calm easy to listen to voice and I love his views on life and travel. At the moment Hayden is travelling around every country in Europe on his motorcycle and his podcasts are random rants about travel and his thoughts about life. So easy to listen to! I love all his rambles about not fitting into other people’s plan, doing what you want to do and not being taken in by consumerism.

The Heart of It by Estee Lalonde



Estee just seems like such a sweet girl and her podcasts are real laid back listening. She interviews guests and gets their perspective on interesting topics. I surprised myself by really enjoying her podcast on the history of makeup and how it has been used as a tool by humans for thousands of years.

Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place


I feel like I grew up with Fearne Cotton and I love her so much! This podcast is fabulous- she gets on great guests, sometimes famous people and sometimes her friends, to talk about what makes them happy. It’s so feel good! My favourite episode is the one with Dawn French!

Crazy Genius – Technology Podcast


This one is rather American focused but also informative in a way that is easy to take in. Although I mostly enjoy learning such as the episode on why we haven’t discovered aliens yet I particularly enjoyed their debate on whether online dating is destroying romance.

The Guilty Feminist


Comedy and talking about feminism, what more do you need? This never fails to make me laugh on my way to work. I think all women relate to this one on some level! I’m a feminist but……

Lorna’s 5

My Dad Wrote a Porno


No it doesn’t inspire me to write a porno but it does make me laugh out loud and anything that does that is okay by me. Guaranteed to have you giggling away to yourself.

Think fit


Funny, yet very informative. These two blokes from Australia and New Zealand have both lost huge amounts of weight and are now incredible athletes! There podcasts include busting the myths of weight loss and keep it very real and manageable. I walk away from these podcasts with hints and tips for a healthier life. Also I love triathlon chat and they have plenty of that.


Running for Real Podcast


First came across this podcast when she interviewed one of my favourite athletes Allie Keiffer, what an amazing woman, I could gush about her for days!
Tina interviews some amazing and inspiring athletes, who like the title says talk about the real side of running.
My top two Running for Real podcasts were with Colin McCourt and Allie Keiffer – so inspired after both of these.


BeSpoke at the Tour de France


I am a secret cycling fan and could send hours reading cyclist autobiographies or the latest training books so BeSpoke is perfect for me as I am able to catch up with the latest news at the Tour de France while on the go. Personally the Tour de France is the ultimate sporting challenge so I find this podcast hugely inspiring.

Also “Team Sky: The Data Drop” podcast had me geeking out.


The 3 DumbBells


I just love anything health, fitness, motivation and a touch of humour and these guys tick all the boxes! I mean obviously I listen to a lot of there podcasts while munching my way through a bag of chocolate raisins but that is what I call balance!

Would particularly recommend their interview with Challenge Sophie, she is a huge inspiration to Adventures by Two!

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