What does ADVENTURE mean to us?

We define ourselves by our micro-adventures and the fact that we love to get out and about, keep fit and try new experiences! We thought we would each explain a little about what adventure means to us and how adventure is individual to each person…. 

C – 

I remember when I was a kid begging my mum and dad to let me sleep in a tent in the garden because it would be a huge adventure. Just breaking from the routine of being in my own bed for the night seemed completely crazy…. I love that spirit and it scares me that sometimes we lose it as we get older. I want to always be excited by the little things and for the world around to remain as extraordinary as it did to little me.

This week I ran a new way up Blackford Hill- one of my favourite Edinburgh spots!

For me adventure is a mindset, a way of looking at life and something you constantly create for yourself.  You seek it out and see it everywhere. Taking a new route home, trying a new podcast, cooking a new meal, trying new cafes and restaurants…… these are some of my own everyday adventures. Sometimes it’s the little adventures that add up to the best ones!

Of course I am always planning out big adventures too like weekends away and trips abroad… I do think it’s possible I have a Skyscanner addiction! New places are one of the best adventures both at home and around the world.

Getting out at the weekend around Loch Lomond

But adventure has so many forms. A big part of it for me is saying yes to every or as many opportunities as I possibly can because you never know where they might lead. Meeting new people is one of the best ways to create adventure and I love to surround myself with people who want to do things!

Trying new restaurants is one of my favourite adventures!

I don’t think that fear and adventure are the same thing though often adventures can put you out of your comfort zone. You don’t need to be jumping off cliffs! Adventure for me is quite simply trying something new and exciting and that is a simple experience to find when you really think about it.

IMG_3866 (1)
Frozen yoghurt on the way home from work! 

Life is one giant adventure and I sure will be making the most of every moment even when i’m a little old lady and my adventures come from trying a new biscuit and telling stories to the grandkids! Adventure shall be how I live.

L –I once read that adventure only starts when things go wrong and while I can see this, for the majority of us this isn’t going to be the case.

While living in Australia I went to Women’s Adventure Film Tour, I left feeling inspired like I too could go out and achieve these amazing adventures. I felt these were achievable because they weren’t all huge funded expeditions but simply extraordinary women doing extraordinary things.

Fast forward two years I went to the Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival, while still amazing and inspiring I left feeling slightly deflated as they featured huge adventures with whole teams of people behind them, unachievable for little ole me!


This is what initially got me thinking about adventure, and can I class myself as an adventurer?

Personally I think yes you can.

As they say your a runner if you run, regardless of how far or fast you do it. The point is your doing it.

So on that train of thought if you go on adventures I personally feel like you can class yourself as an adventurer, as long as your stepping outside your comfort zone or trying something new.

There is no solid definition of what adventure means, so define it for yourself!


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