L’s Top Picks for Valencia

Continuing on from last weeks Spanish theme, I thought I would share with y’all my top picks from my week spent in the super lovely Valencia. Warning: this is going to be a very photo heavy blog post!

1) Hang out in Turia Gardens.

I was very taken with the beautiful Turia Gardens, it was originally the old river bed but after the river was diverted it was turned into a stunning Gardens. At the bottom of the Turia Gardens you’ll also find the arts and science centre, although I never actually went in, wandering around looking at the Architecture was pretty special!

2) Relax on the beaches.

We spent three very relaxing days on the beach and even headed down for a sunrise swim one day! Never have I seen such clean beaches (considering the number of people, on them),they were so well cared for! Both of my favourite beaches were also massive, so I never felt on top of anyone. My top two beach recommendations are:

  1. La Malvarrosa – Grab the number 7 Metro from the city centre and wander down towards the beach
  2. El Saler  – This is about 30 mins outside of Valencia, again from the city centre grab the number 25 bus. You wont be able to miss the beach!

3) Food

I mean could you imagine us ever not including food?!

Okay perhaps not the most typically Spanish food but we ended up in a cafe called Dulce De Leche a couple of times and it was amazing! The cakes and sandwiches were out of this world and the coffee was perfect – a 10/10 from me!

Continuing on with the sweet treats theme I tried the local treat of Horchata and Fartons, perhaps not my favourite thing but when in Valencia I would recommend giving it a shot….


I failed at trying the local dish which is Paella, but as we always say you’ve got to have a reason to go back!

A trip to the Central Market is also essential to stock up on Spanish treats (helps as well that the building is lovely!

4) Old Town and Ruzafa

Would highly recommend a day or two wandering around the lovely old town of Valencia as well as the trendy suburb of Ruzafa. Beautiful old Cathedrals, along with the remains of the old Medieval city and apparently the Holy Grail is in Valenica as well (?!) there is loads to look at. My favourite piece of History was Torres De Quart, with it’s panoramic views of Valencia from the top (also this is free on a Sunday before 1:30pm)

Ruzafa is the place to be for trendy cafes, bars and cute streets and would definitely recommend visiting here while in Valencia for a very chilled out afternoon.

5) Move

There is a huge amount of opportunity to get yourself moving and after eating lots of dulce de leche (a take on caramel sauce) you’ll be in need of some movement!

Valencia is a very flat city and combined with 300 days of sunshine a year (what a dream eh?) its the perfect place to lace up your shoes. I took the opportunity to get out and do some running, it was such a perfect location and there are loads of people out there running with you!

I will pop the link of the website for running in Valencia here, its super useful (very tempted to sign up for the marathon in December!):


However if running isn’t your thing then Valencia is built for cycling with an extensive cycle path network your able to get round the city easily (while making room for those all important holiday treats!)

Verdict: Loved Valencia, thought it had a little bit of something for everyone. Definitely considering heading back to do the Marathon and to tuck into some Paella!

A marathon abroad now that would be a big adventure!

3 thoughts on “L’s Top Picks for Valencia

  1. I’ve been to other places in Spain but always wondered about Valencia. So glad to have read this, thanks!


    1. Valencia is so beautiful, you definitely need to go! Beaches, sun, paella…

      Liked by 1 person

    2. So pleased to hear it was useful! Hope you manage to book some flights there soon 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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