Running… into the Hills.

Last weekend I was at the Salomon trail running festival, firstly what a great day out and can’t wait to go back next year, and secondly it got me thinking- why I have recently found myself heading up into the hills and out onto the trails. I came up with 10 reasons…….

1) There is nowhere that stimulates getting into the hills than like well…. the hills. To get use to running in hills there is only one option and that’s to head up into them.

2) Hill running and trail running seem to have some lovely, friendly people involved.

3) Races seem to be cheaper. Some lovely hill running series take place in the evening, perfect for an after work adventure!

4) Super easy to find trails. Join a club and they will show you local trails or use an app like ordinance survey.

5) Quite often you can treat yourself to tea and cake after the run (food always gets a mention doesn’t it!)

6) I enjoy the technical aspect of the downhills (although disclaimer I am terrible at it and this is often when I get over taken!) Also the technical aspect of navigation, another aspect I am trying to master!

7) Personally running on softer ground gives my joints a break and I don’t tend to pull up as sore the next day.

8) You can walk. The professionals walk up the hills so I take their lead! You’re also probably quicker walking on very steep inclines and it gives you a breather.

9) You go to some very beautiful, new parts of the country, I find myself rocking up to parts of Scotland I had never even heard of.

10) And last but certainly not least you see stunning scenery. (Popped a few of my favourite photos from trail runs over the last few months!)

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