♫ We’re Going to Ibiza, Back to the Island ♫

Okay well actually we have been and gone but thank you Vengaboys. Scotland isn’t exactly known for our days of glorious sunshine and after a long winter (Remember Beast from the East?!) a few days away in the sun was required.

So when we spotted £30 (note: we never check on hold luggage for weekends away) return flights to Ibiza it seemed rude not to take Ryanair up on the offer.

And here is what we got up to and our recommendations……

Where we stayed…

We opted to stay in San Antonio over Ibiza Town and the resorts primarily because it was the cheapest option (just being real here)! Our hotel, Hostal Balearic, came in at the tidy price £128 for the four nights for the both of us. It was great but you definitely aren’t looking at beach views or aircon and for that price you wouldn’t really expect it. But seriously for the cooler months April/ May/ October it’s perfect. Private room, phenomenal shower, balcony and lovely owner. Just a nice easy going hotel, no complaints by us!


San Antonio is great, there is an huge natural harbour and the sunset strip is an amazing place to sit and watch the sunset (obviously!) Good bus connections makes it easy enough to explore the rest of the island.

How we got about…

Public transport, honestly so easy especially with 4G these days. I think the most we paid on the bus was €3.50. If you’re traveling outside of peak tourist season (June- October) just be aware that to get to San Antonio you’ll have to go via Ibiza Town. Don’t waste your pennies on taxi’s there is no need!

What we did…

Feeling particularly adventurous on day one we set off up the coast towards Cala Salada/Cala Saladeta from San Antonio. This is a beautiful 16km walk along the west coast line of Ibiza. There is incredible scenery- be sure to wear your swimming costume as you’re going to want to jump in the sea at some point! Would definitely recommend taking a packed lunch and stopping for an ice cream at Cala Salada (restaurant was a little pricey here) . On your way back you’ll definitely feel like a beer and Hostal La Torre is the spot. Beautiful views out over the sea, a little slice of heaven. The coastal walk isn’t the best marked trail we have come across, but just follow the coastline as much as possible and you’ll get there eventually (just be prepared for a few wrong turns!)

Day two and three began with a quick 5km run along the San Antonio promenade followed by long lazy days topping up our tans on the beach. Although the beach at San Antonio town is fine, we would recommend walking further up the coast to a little cove and setting up there.

Our last day saw us head off into Ibiza Town such a beautiful place we enjoyed wandering around the old fort and generally taking in the town. Before we enjoyed a final lunch and the afternoon laying in the park soaking up the last of the vitamin D.

Where we danced…

Deciding to skip the bigger clubs ‘soft opening parties’ we enjoyed a few drinks on the balcony before heading out for drinks in San Antonio. Nothing really to write home about, mainly the Irish and Scottish pubs seemed to be busiest. Perhaps the night out in San Antonio town improves later in the season….

Where we ate…

To keep down costs we stocked up on treats and necessities at the local supermarket. Three out of the four nights we munched on our favourite spanish treats for dinner sitting on our little balcony. We love allioli! 

Breakfast is such a cheap meal to eat out for, and if like us you require decent caffeine as soon as possible upon waking up then it’s a must. Easily able to pick up breakfast for between 1.50- €3.00. Tostadas are the best thing since sliced bread, mainly because it is sliced bread but with a spanish touch!

We would recommend Rita’s Cantina for brekkie and also as a good location for an evening drink.

Lunch was mainly snacking on things from the supermarket or treats from our favourite bakery Harinus. We slightly feel in love with this bakery and this sandwich, a carb lovers dream!


On our last night we enjoyed some incredible tapas at La Carlota Cook and Roll (also ate breakfast here on our first day) would highly recommend. Authentic tapas restaurants seemed hard to come by in San Antonio, perhaps we were looking in the wrong places.
Why we would go back…

We couldn’t get enough of Ibiza and have resolved that for a weekend of sunshine and happiness it ticks all the boxes. £200 for five days, oh this makes my budget friendly heart happy.

We also have a few things we want to do next time we are back:

  1. Rent a car and head further north to explore more of the island
  2. Take a boat trip out to Fomentera
  3. Eat at Smari – Cocina and Bar
  4. Try the box gym on the beach at San Antonio.


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